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Autumn Term 2021 Curriculum

We are teaching the full curriculum. We have a focus on re-engagement topics including mental wellbeing, physical health and fitness, respectful relationships and being safe. 

Spring Term 2021 Curriculum – Remote Learning

In line with government guidance, our school site is temporarily closed to the majority of pupils. However, our school community remains busier than ever.  

We have been further developing our remote learning provision over the past year and are confident that, in working together, we will ensure that your child continues to thrive.

Remote Learning Policy

There is no need to replicate the school day at home, although many children find a regular routine works best. We do advise that you break up the day; play and laugh together. There are PE challenges every day to ensure that health and wellbeing comes first. Children learn when they feel safe and happy.


Children will be provided with recorded teaching of phonics, spelling, writing and maths lessons 4 days per week allowing 1 day for catching up, finishing off, improving and of course for the inevitable technical glitches. In addition to this, there will be reading, stories and activities from the wider curriculum. Video lessons and challenges model specific skills and strategies, these will enable children to remain connected to the classroom experience and will be uploaded by class teachers to Seesaw.  
We teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate. However, we have needed to make some adaptations in some subjects such as PE and music. These are designed to be as independently accessible as possible to support those of you juggling multiple responsibilities at home. 
All children are expected to engage with remote learning throughout the week. Where possible and appropriate children benefit from parental support, particularly with setting a routine. Your child should be encouraged to learn independently. They can seek help from their teacher through Seesaw. 
If engagement becomes a concern, school will make contact with you to provide support.
Teachers will continue to assess children’s learning, feeding back regularly and adjust teaching accordingly.


The government have advised that primary aged children should be engaged with their learning for an average of three hours per day. This is a guide only and will depend very much upon the age and learning needs of your child.

We will be here to support you throughout and look forward to welcoming you back to school as soon as possible. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in touch if we can help in any way.

Autumn Term 2020 Curriculum

The primary focus of our curriculum is to recover learning from March 2020. Teaching staff are undertaking individual assessment in word reading, comprehension, reading fluency, spelling, mathematical fluency and understanding, so that the content of the curriculum can be adjusted accordingly.

The Government has recognised that “Children and young people across the country have experienced unprecedented disruption to their education as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19)” and have allocated ‘catch up premium funding’ to address this. To find out how we are utilising the funding follow this link to our catch up premium strategy.

Nanstallon School is prioritising study and learning of:

  • Reading Fluency
  • Maths Fluency
  • Physical Education and Outdoor Learning
  • Music and Art
  • Science

We are taking a gradual approach to reintroducing foundation subjects such as modern foreign languages. A return to the full curriculum is planned for Spring 2021.

Home Learning Curriculum (23 March 2020)

In line with government advice, our school site is partially closed to pupils other than those in priority groups. However, our school community remains busier than ever.  

We were well prepared for this situation having previously implemented online learning journals: Tapestry in Reception and Y1 and Seesaw in Y2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 for children to access and record their learning.  

All our teachers are posting an alternative home learning curriculum every school week. Every teacher posts learning activities every school day. The learning journals enable Teachers, Teaching Assistants and pupils to communicate and interact. Every parent has contact with the teachers and their child’s learning through the journals.

Note to Parents: There is absolutely no need to replicate the school day at home and we strongly advise that you make plenty of time to relax, play and laugh together with your loved ones wherever possible.

Each week we have united the school community through our weekly home learning assembly videos.

Curriculum Topic Webs 2019/20

Curriculum Goals Survival

Curriculum Goals Tudors

Curriculum Goals Fantasy & Myths

Curriculum Goals Rainforest Y2

Curriculum Goals Plants Y2

Curriculum Goals Ancient Egypt Y56

Curriculum Goals Egypt Y2

Curriculum Goals Japan

Universe Class Curriculum Goals World War 1

Curriculum Topic Webs 2018/19

Term 4 Senses Curriculum Topic Goals Reception Class

Term 4 Castles Curriculum Topic Goals Key Stage 1

Term 5 Pirates Curriculum Topic Goals Key Stage 1

Term 6 Jack and the Beanstalk Curriculum Topic Goals Reception Class

Term 6 Dinosaurs Curriculum Topic Goals Key Stage 1

Stone Age Curriculum Topic Web KS2 Term 4

Disney Curriculum Goals LKS2 Term 5

Disney Curriculum Goals UKS2 Term 5

How well do we know our school grounds? Curriculum Goals KS2 Term 6