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A curriculum rooted in the locality of Nanstallon, Bodmin in Cornwall

Nanstallon School is a small school in rural Cornwall. The curriculum is delivered through termly ‘child centred projects’ based on a particular focus. The Nanstallon curriculum promotes and nurtures:

  • Personal Empowerment and Independence
  • A sense of Belonging
  • Collective Responsibility
  • Mastery of Primary Skills, Knowledge and Understanding

Child centred projects integrate subject progression ensuring coverage over time.

Adults make sure that the work is interesting and captivating. Pupils are encouraged to think for themselves, develop their own interests and be responsible for their own work. They work well in class and when learning outside. They become particularly confident using information and communication technology (ICT) to record their work. (Ofsted, 2021)

In Practice:

  1. Cross-curricular projects are IDENTIFIED on a rolling programme;
  2. These are DEVELOPED at the planning stage as subject or book based topics in order for SPEAKING AND LISTENING opportunities to be carefully planned for;
  3. A comprehensive LIFE SKILLS FRAMEWORK enables pupils to access real life and meaningful opportunities that augment the statutory curriculum. The core subject of SCIENCE is planned into each project unit or is taught as discreet project unit with opportunities to ‘work scientifically’;
  4. A whole school approach towards the teaching and learning of BASIC CORE SKILLS and the opportunities to APPLY these across the CURRICULUM to prepare children for the next stage of their education;
  5. Child-centred projects that embrace and integrate the ARTS to develop more complete children who have curious minds and think critically;
  6. The 7 QI SKILLS, Sensory Integration and PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT are threads that weave throughout the curriculum;
  7. Each child-centred project ensures immersive and experiential learning of a wide breadth of skills and knowledge;
  8. These build on the FOUNDATIONS of our school MOTTO and VALUES.

Curriculum Change Project – Learning Journey Case Study 2019 20