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Spelling, Handwriting and Presentation

We teach cursive writing

We teach children to join their letters from Year 2 – some children achieve this in Year 1

Handwriting and presentation are a high priority – we want to inspire care and pride


If we want to improve the accuracy of children’s spellings and increase the range of words that they can spell and understand, we need to deepen and broaden their vocabulary. We strive to build and increase the vocabulary that children know and understand.


When children are initially learning spelling through phonics, we emphasise the sound-spelling connection:

ch-ur-ch     c-a-tch

Once children are secure with phonics, we should move on to saying spelling as it relates to the spelling-meaning connection:

un-help-ful    teach-er-s    re-place

We learn units of meaning -prefixes, suffixes and root/base words- with each unit carrying meaning.

We teach spelling enquiries, word sums and word maps.

Spelling begins in Year 1. We teach the National Curriculum.

  • The 3 main rules are recapped every year
  • The rules and patterns from the previous year are recapped
  • The patterns, strings and rules for the national curriculum year are learned and practised

We teach 9 spelling strategies

  • Morphology
  • Spelling rules and patterns
  • Letter Strings
  • Looking for patterns and meanings
  • Over Articulation
  • Words within words
  • Segmentation
  • Mnemonics
  • Kinaesthetic Motor Memory

Common Exception Words

We assess children’s accuracy of common misconception words each term