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2021-22 Curriculum

We have returned to and are teaching the full curriculum

The Nanstallon model for subject progression has 4 key elements:

  1. End Points – what we are building towards as a school and in each subject discipline that we teach, so it is clear what our pupils need to know and be able to do at each stage in order to reach them. How each subject aligns to the 7 QI non-cognitive skills.
  2. Big Ideas – defining what the big ideas of each curriculum subject is. These are the anchors and key concepts of exploration of child-centred project learning.
  3. Progression – the cumulative progression of skills, knowledge and understanding that children assimilate and accommodate. In other words:
    • learning new things that relates to and enriches what children already know
    • the accommodation of new learning in a different more challenging context so that children’s understanding becomes increasingly solid and nuanced
  4. Matching outcomes to projects – the curriculum is designed so that key knowledge, skills and understanding are planned and taught in a progression considering the many cross curricular and subject links

Please access subject specific information below:


Transforming our Learning Provision