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Administrator - Miss Abbie Fraser 01208 831418

Gena Lawrey

Appointed:   19 May 2015
Term of Office:   18 May 2019
Body Appointed by:   Nanstallon School Staff

My first connection to Nanstallon School was as a parent, when my son joined in 2002. I have been a teaching assistant for 12 years, following a change in career from accountancy.  My work as an accounts technician has enabled me to understand budgeting and budget forecasts, one of the skills I am able to bring to the board.  As a staff member, I am equipped with first hand experience of how a school operates. This also means that as part of the Nanstallon team I am committed to supporting the strategic direction of the school on a daily basis.

Pecuniary Interests:   None
Attendance Record for 2018/19:   4/4