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Our ambition is to promote a love of reading for every child


70 – 80% of acquired vocabulary comes from reading

Reading a class book read once a day will increase learned vocabulary by 50%

Why do we have a daily class reading book?

It establishes a reading climate – by exposing children to the imaginative challenge of engaging with quality literature. New authors can be read that are beyond the children’s decoding levels.

If we want children to write well, then they need to hear what great writing sounds like!

Our school provides opportunities for children to:

  • explore and learn new vocabulary
  • analyse the effectiveness of a range of different texts
  • learn, internalise and create their own writing
  • learn, internalise, read and perform poetry
  • develop inference and comprehension skills

Early Reading

Support every child on their reading journey from phonics to fluency.

Children begin their learning journey in Reception being immersed in stories and rhymes. They quickly learn to decode through structured phonics lessons.

Pupils’ early reading is developed well. The teaching of phonics is clearly structured. Pupils become confident readers. Their books are carefully selected for them. Other reading sessions develop pupils’ vocabulary and expression. The school makes sure that there are a range of books, literature, comics and journals available to interest
different children. There are lots of quiet spaces where pupils choose to read. (Ofsted, 2021)

Our phonics lessons are based on Little Wandle

Little Wandle letters and sounds revised.

Children apply their reading skills using the Big Cat fully decodable books that are carefully matched to the Letters and Sounds they know. This ensure all pupils in Reception and KS1 move from decoding words to reading fluently and for pleasure.

Children read in guided groups focused on decoding, prosody and comprehension. These sessions are further augmented with Talk through Story sessions that develop vocabulary, comprehension and inference skills.

Peer Reading

Children at Nanstallon School enjoy peer reading sessions. This takes various forms and is always a shared experience embracing our values and promoting a real love of reading.

We are a DfE certified as graduated school with the English Hub.

Kernow English Hub